Our Advisory Board
Accountability is important to us. 
These are the experts who challenge & help guide us.
We have an incredible group of supporters who help drive us forwards. Our advisory board is a group of experts from a variety of disciplines who meet every quarter to ensure we are held accountable to our aims & growth. 
As a CIC, we aim to operate at the highest level of transparency & accountability possible to make sure we always act for the highest social good of the young people we serve.
Shirin Shah - Strategy & Co-Director
With over seven years of experience in youth volunteering, I help with the strategy behind our work. She uses her BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics to help write engaging and through-provoking sessions on social and global topics. Furthermore, her various work experience in the private sector means she also has an eye for detail and a client first attitude. I currently work at a law firm in the city and am the co-founder of South Asian Sisters Speak, a feminist movement to empower south asian women in the UK. 

My role on the board is to support with strategy & business growth. I'm always scrutinising the numbers, impact & strategy to make sure the team is working effectively. As a co-director of Revolution Hive, I also have access & control to finances & other important areas of our work to ensure the team is always held accountable in every area. 
Vibeka Louise Mair - PR
I’m a reporter who writes about sustainable and impact investment for Responsible Investor, a news and events company. I am especially interested in social issues, including human rights and the environment.The mission of Revolution Hive chimes with my personal values, including the importance of education around mental health, climate change and financial literacy.

My role on the board is supporting the team with their media & PR.
Anthony Silver - Business
I’m the Co-Founder of Voice for Good – helping the poorest 3bn people get online via a voice call. Also Founder of European Student Startups - Europe’s largest angel and venture capital competition for students. Mentor for the 2nd Chance specialist ‘education to employment’ training programme for 18-24 year olds.

Revolution Hive inspires and empowers young adults to be confident, think broadly and value wellbeing with a level of passion and authenticity that is so crucial to achieving positive impact. I’m on the board to ensure the team focus on engaging an even wider audience whilst upholding this quality in a financially sustainable manner.
Mayur Patel - Finance
I work at Bank Of America: Merill Lynch in New York & supported Revolution Hive during the Young Academy programme. I was enthused by their passion & dedication towards equipping young people for life beyond the classroom and joined their advisory board when the programme finished.

My role on the board is to support them with the financial planning & business growth. I'm always asking them the challenging questions they need to find answers to, that will help them to scale sustainably & with impact.
George Hoare - Impact
I head up the Research and Evaluation team at Time to Change, the national campaign to end discrimination and stigma around mental health. I'm also a trustee at Universify Education and an advisor at the free university the IF Project

I help Revolution Hive with impact measurement. I've been really impressed by their commitment to measuring the outcomes of all of their activities and I help them make sure they can keep doing that.
Jack Davies - Schools
I manage communications for London Leadership Strategy, a non-profit school support organisation that emerged from London Challenge. I am also a #TeachSDGs ambassador, part of the UN Global Goals Educator Taskforce promoting the sustainable development goals in education. Networks nerd looking for ways to bring education, politics and art together.

Revolution Hive have impressed me with their integrity - they really care about what they are doing and have the drive to carry it forward. They are supporting young people to unlock their potential and lead personally and socially fulfilling lives.