About Us
This is a family of people who care. Here's a bit about the people that generate the buzz. 
Yes, its cheesy, but you can excuse us one bee related pun, right?
Keshav Bhatt - CEO & Founder
Humble, inspiring & wise are three words used to describe Keshav. He is a social entrepreneur, professional coach & writer. He founded the company from his bedroom when he was at university after feeling frustrated at how difficult the transition from formal education to adulthood was for him & many others. He's been dedicated to the mission ever since, being featured on The Huffington Post, Zee TV, Metro UK & done a TEDx talk on the topic of education. Keshav has over 10 years of experience working in leadership, coaching & education in places all over the world.

Contact Keshav at keshav@revolutionhive.com
Ishani Parekh - Director 
Ishani is an ex-teacher turned social entrepreneur & social media maestro. Her work at Revolution Hive is focused on helping our team of facilitators deliver incredible programmes in schools. After completing a year working on tackling educational disadvantage in schools, she joined the organisation to help create more social leaders.

Contact Ishani at ishani@revolutionhive.com
Louis Howell - Director
Hard working, dedicated & passionate. Louis is always the life & soul of any party and his energy has helped him gather a large amount of experience very quickly. Born & raised in Lewisham, London - Louis has a broad range of experience in youth work & facilitation. He's worked with most of the big youth charities in the UK & alongside Revolution Hive runs his own marketing agency.

Contact Louis at louis@revolutionhive.com
Shirin Shah - Director
With over seven years of experience in youth volunteering, Shirin is the brains behind our session plans. She uses her BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics to write engaging and through-provoking sessions on social and global topics. Furthermore, her various work experience in the private sector means she also has an eye for detail and a client first attitude.
Amandeep Shergill - Director
Amandeep joined Revolution Hive at the start of 2016, having known Keshav for over 15 years. He aligned with the company values and principles, a swell as seeing the potential for expansion within the business. For him, Revolution Hive is not your normal day to day company. Its core values lie in social reform and personal growth and development. Someone once said 'be the change you want to see in the world', and as far as Amandeep is concerned this is a good a platform as any to do so.
Our inspiring facilitators & speakers
Femi Awoyemi
It is important that we equip young people with life skills and tools to process information so they can make their own informed opinions on how they feel about it. This will also prepare them for the future and empower them to be the change we need them to be.
Emerciana Desouza
We are experiencing rapid changes in the world requiring different skills, knowledge and abilities. This needs to be reflected in the learning environments that young people are within so that they can best prepare. Personally, I am excited to be able to cover essential topics that I wish I had learnt sooner!
Nisani Gnanasoorian
Knowledge alone is no longer enough. There are several life skills e.g. networking, team work and communication, that are vital to excel in the ‘real world’ post education. Sometimes students are academically advanced but lack the life skills necessary to reach their full potential. Simple workshops enhancing these skills can improve the students career prospectus vastly.
Nik Haddadi
The work we do at Revolution Hive is imperative since it equips the next generation with life-long learning tools, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. As an avid advocate of human welfare I firmly believe that there is an education that schools do not teach, and this is where the work of RevHive begins.
Liz Hibberd
As a passionate educator, I love knowledge and learning and I thrive on collaborating and engaging with young people. Having lived and worked overseas for the last 8 years I am an outspoken advocate of global issues and intercultural learning and am keen to be part of a team that empowers and upskills the future!
Kate Newman
In a world where we are slowly becoming more and more disconnected with ourselves and the world around us I think the work of Revolution Hive is critical. It promotes a community of impassioned, engaged individuals who believe in the power of their infinite potential.
Company Values
We have a very strong growth focused culture. 
Here’s what we live by at Revolution Hive:

The 10x Rule

We’re a team that cares about thinking big and we think 10x. 
So if we’re talking about a project, or a workshop, or a video. 
We’re asking - what if we were doing 10x that? How would we approach it? 
This is a community of growth & expansion on all levels.

Be Unique & Innovative

We’re passionate about doing things differently. 
In all aspects of our work we strive to find creative ways to achieve our goals. 
From delivering training & workshops to the way we made this site - we are here to innovate.


A job doesn’t have to be boring or follow a dull mechanical pattern. 
We work & play at the same time. 
Creativity & productivity flow from a space of ease & happiness.

Be What You Teach

Obviously, so much of our work is about change. 
But we believe that a big part of that is making sure we represent the change we want to see.
That’s different for different people but we’re all striving to 
represent in our day to day lives the change we want to see.

Thanks for the Cut

We’re grateful for learning & feedback. 
So we have a “thanks for the cut” philosophy to mistakes & constructive criticism. 
Check out our thanks for the cut page for more.

Honour Your Craft

As much as we’re all about innovation & bringing fun to our work. 
We’re also very dedicated to extremely high levels of quality in all aspects of our work.
So don't be surprised to see a team member tell you to honour your craft & push you!

Keep It Simple & Open

Complexity is the enemy of execution. Keep it simple. Focus on the fundamentals.
We also like being open & trusting, with each other, and with the world.
That's why we share our mistakes, impact & everything else.
We think school was right when it taught us sharing is caring.